Where is the nearest Vandeu store in my city?

You can find the Vandeu stores in our STORE LOCATOR

How can I get a Vandeu gift card?

Gift cards can be purchased in any Vandeu store.

How can I become a Vandeu model?

We select models from the major modeling agencies but if you want to be a model try to seek representation from a reputable agency.

How can I get information about Vandeu corporate history?

Visit ABOUT Vandeu section to learn more about our brand.

How can I work at Vandeu?

You can complete our CAREERS form or apply in person at any Vandeu store location.

Do you have a Vandeu catalog or online shopping?

Vandeu does not currently offer a catalog or online shopping, however we will offer this in the near future.

Could I get a Vandeu franchise?

Thank you for your interest in Vandeu. However as a private company we offer franchising agreements.

I am interested in selling my products, how do I contact you?

Please complete the online form found in the VENDOR section of our website and tell us more about your product or service.

How can I follow Vandeu in Facebook and other social networks?

Like us on Facebook or follow us at Twitter, Youtube or Tumblr .

What are the advantages of being part of the Vandeu News letter?

You will receive news about current fashion tips and trends, new store openings and much more fashion related useful information that you can share with your friends and family..

If I have other questions how can I contact Vandeu?

Questions and comments can be submitted in the CONTACT section of our website or you may reach us by email at contact@Vandeu.com.